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About Me


I love to create

Life doesn't just happen to you. Or for you. Life happens. And whether you choose to grab it and move towards your vision is up to you. This is the way I think and ultimately what's on the table when working with me - tenacity, passion and ideas.


If you want a list of my skills feel free to take a look at my past projects and CV, but this isn't about that. It's about why I love to create spaces that make people, feel. It's the oil that burns within my creative engine (or something more green!). Using design and creativity to elicit an emotion is one of the most powerful tools a brand, company or person can use to make a point. My architecture degree gave me the tools of design and my passion for people gave me the vision to create. Having been lucky enough to travel the world, I've seen the power of creativity. I've also seen how much more still needs to be done to create a world that works for everyone. This notion is central to my understanding of feminism, mental health and equality of opportunity.

I'm an opinionated people person that loves using my outspoken personality to build people up. This means rolling up your sleeves, kicking off your inhibitions and getting stuck in. I love to bring people’s visions to life. I love to draw ideas out of people’s heads (whether it's a client or a team mate) and make them into a tangible experience.


When I'm not thinking about spaces, design and people, I'm thinking about flavour. Food. I'd go as far as to say that you, we, society should not trust people who don't think with their belly. It's what binds cultures together and sets them apart. It's been a central topic of discussion since discussion were invented. So yes, big fan.


In summary, if you're here (especially if have you got this far), you may have some questions for me.

I, for one, would love to answer them.

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